Webster County Winter Bucket List

While the leaves have fallen from the trees and blown away by now, and the sun heads to bed earlier and earlier every day… it appears as if winter has finally made its way to our doors folks. Whether hiding under the safety of the covers until warmer weather returns is your winter ritual or you see the snow and wind as a direct challenge of your vigor and thus seek to face it head on, we’ve got the Bucket List to keep you busy for the long haul!

2016-24-2--14-06-571. Build a Snowman
Remember waking up as a kid and peeking out your window to the sight of snow? Your heart almost skipped a beat at the thought of a snow day! Relive some of your sweetest childhood memories by building a friendly snowman or flop over and attempt the perfect snow angel!
2. Go Ice Fishing
The rivers and streams have been stocked to the brim, teaming with life… just hiding out towards the bottom; protected by a thick sheet of ice. No need to let that stop you from your favorite sport. Try ice fishing!
3. Plunge Like a Polar Bear
Whether you’ve heard of it or seen videos on the internet, polar bear plunges have become a viral sensation across the globe. Gather up a group of friends, shed down to your swim gear and take the plunge in near freezing temperatures, then warm up with some cocoa and brag to everyone you see, you did it! BE SAFE!
4. Snowball Fight
Any time is the right time for an impromptu snowball fight… yes even catching a coworker off-guard in the parking lot is prime time for a showdown.
845. See The Lights
Load up the car with the kids, yeah, even the dog too, and go in search of Christmas lights! Displays are set up in town every year! Try the back roads too; you never know what Christmas elves live in these parts.
6. Day on the Mountain
Just miles away sits the South East’s best winter resort: Snowshoe! Check their website for deals and holiday specials, occasionally they hold WV Days when lift passes are COMPLETELY FREE to WV residents. Don’t. Miss. Out.
7. Snowshoe Hiking
The area is home to some of the best hiking trails in the state – so why limit that only to the warm months? Strap on some snowshoes (some old tennis rackets do the trick too) and take a hike… refuse to allow winter to force you inside!
8. Movie Marathon
The weather is so frightful, but the fire is so delightful… curl up with a warm blanket and binge watch all your favorite Critically-acclaimed movies! Don’t have any on hand? A Netflix subscription is super cheap and you get an archive worth of notable classics – watch for days on end.
9. Downtown Shopping
Webster happens to be home to a plethora of small businesses just teaming with one of kind goodies! Take the chance to browse the local shopping scene, you never know what treasures you might find…http://bit.ly/2ihYknd.