Top 10 Places to Visit In Webster County

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time in Webster, chances are you’ve happened to stumble upon some of the area’s greatest places to see.  Whether you’re looking for a little adventure this weekend or you’re hard at work writing a bucket list for the Spring, you’ll want to make time for these iconic Webster spots!

1. Bakers IslandThe public park mecca of Webster!  Baker’s Island has got it all – sports fields, picnic areas, walking trails, playground, swimming pool, a grandstand and access to the river are just a few things you’ll find here. Although the island was badly damaged in the June 2016 flood, many of the park facilities have been or are in the process of being restored.

2016-25-4--13-41-002. Bergoo – Tucked far in the woods of Webster lies Bergoo: an off-road enthusiasts dream. Load up the quad on your trailer and set your sights towards Bergoo.  The area offers some of the greatest mudding tracks in the state. Get ready…to get dirty!

3. Big Ditch Lake The nearly 400-acre wildlife management area known as Big Ditch Lake offers a plethora of small game, waterfowl, and fishing opportunities.  In addition, scenic picnic areas can be accessed via the maintained walking path that outlines the edge of the water.

4. Holly River State ParkHiking, camping, backpacking; lace up your boots and hit the trails of Holly River State Park.  Nestled within West Virginia’s National Forest System, Holly River offers some of the best opportunities to witness the Webster’s natural spectacles.

5. Camp CaesarNestled beside the Monongahela National Forest, Camp Caesar, also known as Webster County 4-H Camp, has created generations of memories for youth and adults alike. Built during the 1920’s, this historical camp has been a mainstay for generations past and present.

6. Salt Sulphur WellIn the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, salt sulphur springs drew thousands of visitors to Webster Springs each year. The water, highly impregnated with hydrogen sulfide gas, were thought to be beneficial for ills of the liver, stomach, kidneys and bladder and were sought for both health and luxury.  While only one well remains, it has been set in the center of Webster Springs to serve as a Veteran’s Memorial.

7. Point Mountain – Settle in and enjoy the solitude or set out and explore, view wildlife, fish, and let nature take you over. An evening at Point Mountain Wilderness can be spectacular! Enjoy stunning sunsets, moon rises, and bright stars in the evening.

8. Jerry Run Summer TheatreOff the beaten path lies a stage with a storied past. The stage has been graced with some of the folk world’s greatest acts and shows. This venue has even been featured in a documentary about the folk legend, Iron & Wine.

mollohan mill ducks9. Mollohan’s Mill Featured as one of the attractions along the Mountain Parkway Byway and Backway in the northern part of Webster County, Mollohan’s Mill stands the test of time being the only remaining turbine driven grist mills in the United States.

10. Your Favorite River – While the last location on our list is a bit broad, to try to discern one river being better than another is out of the question.  Whether you are a seasoned fisherman, or you enjoy kayaking, boating, or swimming….Webster County’s waterways are a haven for fun and relaxation.  In no particular order, here are the rivers to check out in the Mountain Park:

  • Elk
  • Gauley
  • Birch
  • Williams
  • Cranberry
  • Left Fork of the Holly River
  • Right Fork of the Holly River
  • Back Fork of Elk