Spring Break on a Budget in Webster County

The days are growing longer and the birds are chirping: all signs point towards spring!  Two things are certain, rainy days and warm nights which means there’s plenty of time to make an appearance from the cave you’ve been hiding in all winter and getting out and enjoying that “feel good” weather.

DSC_0753Fish. Fish.

When the snow melts off and the rivers and streams begin to surge once again, you can count on a hardy supply of fresh-water game to be teaming in waters of Webster County. With new stock being introduced every month, the time has never been better to throw out a line and spend the day on the river. 

 Whitewater Adventures

Join us as we barrel down the hallowed whitewater rivers of Webster County in April! April 8-9, Webster Whitewater Weekend kicks into full swing.  Get in on the action as we celebrate the comeback return of some of our favorite rapids.  A party will follow Saturday night with live music, food, libations and more at Camp Caesar.  See you There!

Earth Day Preppers

April 8, The Upper Elk River Watershed Association will be hosting a Tree Seedling Giveaway from 10am-12 outside of the WCMH Physical Therapy Building (old Rite Aid) in Webster Springs and Cowen Municipal Building parking lot.  Get out your gardening gloves and give back on Earth Day by planting a sapling in your yard this year.

The Great Egg Hunt

This year it looks like the Easter Bunny will be making two trips to Webster County – perfect egg hunt conditions!  Mr. Rabbit will start by making his rounds at Baker’s Island at 2pm on April 9 and finish up his eggy duties at Holly River State Park on April 16 at 2pm.  Bring your basket, the BIG one – you’re gonna need it!  Open to kids 0-12.

2016-13-6--21-42-14Music For The Season

The stage of the Jerry Run Theater has sat collecting dust for far, far too long.  It’s time we shake the lock off the doors and kick the dust up for the folk music season once and for all! Starting April 14, Jerry Run will be hosting its weekly shows until the end of next season, with its first acting as a benefit concert for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Join us for a night full of music and laughter at Jerry Run!