Top Reasons to Visit Webster County According to Locals: Angie Cowger 

Riding the country roads of the Mountain Park are one of the family’s favorite outings.

As a long-standing resident and business owner of Webster County, Angie Cowger, of the Custard Stand, gives the inside scoop on the “hidden treasures” of Webster.  At first glance, visitors may be quick to make assumptions about the quaint nature of Webster, but be warned… this patch of heaven holds some of West Virginia’s best features.

As Angie puts it, “People say there’s not a lot to do in Webster County, but everyone eats 3 meals a day… so from a food perspective – here’s why you should visit Webster County:”

While it may come as no surprise, Angie swears by The Custard Stand, located in the heart of Webster Springs; and nobody could begin to disagree. They have everything from pizza, salads, hot dogs to ice cream, milkshakes, and sundaes galore!

In addition to the Custard Stand, the Holly River State Park Restaurant is a beautiful facility. From the porch, a row of perfectly aligned rocking chairs looks out over the surrounding beauty. Rumor has it that their roast beef sandwich is top notch!

The Hometown Diner is another local treasure of Webster!  Angie says it’s not uncommon for the Cowger’s to snag a whole graham cracker pie to take home and enjoy.  If you’re looking for an eatery that values doing things the “old fashioned” way, the Hometown should be on your short list.

The Cowger’s spend their summer days on the banks of the Elk River.

From an adventure perspective – one of the Cowger’s favorite things to do is to frequent the Elk River.  It’s a different approach to a family outing, dependent on generator and nature alone. The kids spend the entire day in the river along the camp site – whether you use a tent, camper, or even in the back of a pickup.

Another family favorite is motorcycling – Angie says they’ve got friends and family who’ve made it all the way to the Great Smokey’s and ridden the Tail of the Dragon, and even then… the Smokey’s have nothing on the winding roads of Webster!

When asked what the big takeaway of Webster might be, Angie responded simply with, “Our biggest thing is the people – very welcoming, from kids to middle age to elderly.” Whether you’re venturing the back roads or traveling down Main Street, Webster County has something for everyone.