Instagrammers Dream: Webster Guide to Breathtaking Views

Whether you’re seeking the next greatest peak to get the perfect panoramic shot of the Elk River or you just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snag a one-of-a-kind selfie, this article is for you!

Former Site of The Hodam Inn
On Route 20 between Buckhannon & Webster Springs, there are several wide spots on the road to pull over and take in the sights. One particular place would be at the top of Hodam Mountain, where the Hodam Inn had once been located.  Get out your phone and snap this beauty!

Credit: Thomas R. Fletcher Photography

Whitaker Falls In Bergoo
Along Valley Fork Road, about 7 miles from Route 15, you’ll be pleased to find a quaint water feature known as Whitaker Falls!  Visible from the road, just past the Elk River Lodge, this is a popular spot for glamor shots and senior pictures – truly one for the profile!

Point Mountain
With lookout points along Route 15, this mountain is the catch-all of picturesque landscapes and stunning knolls to take in the valley. Take your time to stop the car on one of the roadside pull-off spots and you’re sure to find a spectacular and unique shot of your own.

Big Ditch Lake
Traveling along Birch River Road, you’ll happen upon Big Ditch Lake. This area stands as a unique spot to get a great picture of a colorful West Virginia sunset as it playfully reflects upon the water.

2016-25-4-13-48-27Holly River State Park
Holly River State Park is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  From tip to tail, the park is home to some of the greatest views Webster has to offer!  From the peak of Potato Knob to the various water features seen within its gates, you’re sure to find something that catches your attention – your followers too! Take a gander at the Windy Gap former one-room schoolhouse or the lone chimney in the clearing near Holly River, a prop in Josh Stewart’s movie, “The Hunted”.

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