Unique Lodging Spotlight: The Balli Family Farm

Everyone knows your lodging choice can make or break your trip, but choosing someplace unique will turn any vacation into an unforgettable one.

Let’s face it – we are tired of the cookie-cutter experience, big brand hotels and chains, aren’t you? Don’t fret, we have the address for your next Webster County accommodation.

With its unsurpassed natural beauty perfect for a quiet vacation or weekend getaway and positioned among rolling farm fields that have seen years of tradition despite the changing times, the Balli Sister’s Farm should be on your list of unmissable lodging options.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore the heritage and traditions of this remarkable Webster County family, whose Appalachian legacy has come to life in the recent documentary, Swiss Family Balli. The Balli Family settled on this remote mountaintop and called Webster County home, influencing the people and culture of the entire region.

We spoke with Rose Ann Cowger and Janet Fliegel to discuss the unique features of the Balli Farm and its pleasant setting for those who choose to stay.

Q: What can people expect when they stay at the Balli Farm?
A: The Balli Farmhouse offers guests a chance to get away from the stresses of everyday living and step back in time. The farmhouse is steeped in rich history yet has all the amenities of a modern-day home, with plenty of room for the extended family and is very close to Holly River State Park.

Peace and quiet with the only sound being the wind and the birds. Artists of all mediums enjoy the calm space which allows their creativity to soar. Families appreciate the quality time spent reconnecting with each other.

Q: What are the accommodations?
A: A large kitchen and living room, 2 sun porches, pantry/laundry, 2 full bathrooms and four bedrooms. Two rooms have one full bed while the other two rooms house two full sized beds. A single bed is located on the sunporch.

The Farmhouse is available from the first of May until the last of October but is closed during the winter season. Weekly Rate: $300 for four people with $50 additional for each extra person over the original four, plus tax. Weekend rates: $175 for four people and $30 for each additional person, plus tax.

Q: What is your favorite part of the Balli Farm?
A. The large front porch with a fantastic view and porch swing and several rocking chairs.

Q. How can we find out more about the Balli Farm?
A. For booking reservations at the Balli Farmhouse, please call Rose Ann at 304-493-6591. To learn more about the Balli Family check out the full-length documentary that was produced about the family and the Swiss Family Balli Facebook page.