Where To Make a Splash This Summer

Looking for a place to cool off and unwind this summer? Whether you’re interested in perfecting your cannonball technique, or the thought of catching a few rays, this articles for you! We’ve collected a list of the “Best” swimming holes in Webster just for you –

Back Fork of the Elk River
Some of Webster’s best kept “secret spots” stem from the fresh waters flowing just a few miles above the town of Webster Springs. Popular places along this stretch have been curiously named by the locals – spots such as “Jimmie Hole”, “Curtin Hole”, “Boy Scout Hole”, and “Cherry Hole” are just a couple you can find along the shores leading towards Webster Springs. Venturing further still, you can find some prime territory near the swinging bridges of the Elk River.

Cherry Falls Ledges
Venturing further, should you find yourself between Parcoal and Cherry Falls along the Elk River, there are a series of rocky ledges that have grown in popularity among the locals during the dog days of summer! A little farther upriver still, accessible from Parcoal is Parcoal Crossing. If sand between your toes is what you’re looking for, a short distance downriver is Paddlefoot, a cozy swimming hole with a sandy beach to pair!

Lower Elk River
Sauntering past the town of Webster a way, you’ll find a slew of prime swimming holes along the Elk River aptly referred to as “Down Elk”. These spots all the fun in the sun you could hope for!

Camden Rope Swing
One of the local favorites lies just upriver from the bridge in Camden (Gauley River). This oasis is home to a spectacular rope swing that flings you out into the air and down into one of the deepest points of the Gauley – Rumor has it that nobody has ever touched the bottom there!