3 Reasons to Dine at the Holly River Restaurant

A true Webster County experience is waiting for you within the borders of Holly River State Park. Since 1938 the Holly River State Park Restaurant has been in continuous operation nestled within the old-growth forest, welcoming visitors and locals to the lush landscape and a unique restaurant location.

Debbie Schoolcraft, Holly River Restaurant Chef, puts in long hours, creating a unique dining experience for all who walk through the doors. During the last 13 years, she’s noticed some changes such as an evolving menu, but notes with pride that the peaceful setting, welcoming atmosphere, and the historical significance remains.

Here are just three reasons why we love this place:

1. The Atmosphere

Dining at Holly River State Park Restaurant is an experience that encompasses the entire history and ambiance of the Forest and the County.

First, you’ll be taken aback by the setting – You can hear birds chirping outside the restaurant doors and the bubbling stream. You’ll see the old-growth forest and become immersed in the natural beauty of it all.

2. The Historical Experience

Once inside the restaurant, you’re instantly welcomed and will be well taken care of. The dining room only seats 45 so it’s an intimate and quiet space. You can ease yourself into your meal and enjoy the comfortable, homey feel of the restaurant. No matter what dish you choose it will undoubtedly be fresh and hearty – Debbie prides herself on serving homemade country meals without the flash.

It’s fun to note that diners eat off of antique china from 1937-1952 and that the old stone fireplace was built in 1937. The oak floors and wormy chestnut beams are all original to the building. There is so much history to be seen and enjoyed while you dine.

3. The Food

They make delicious fresh bread from scratch at the restaurant that everyone enjoys. The homemade meatloaf is a crowd favorite, but the desserts are always a high point in the meal. All pie crusts are from scratch and some of the favorites are the triple chocolate cake, peanut butter cake, butterscotch pie and blackberry cobbler.

Meat entrees are rarely fried, as they prefer to grill, roast and pair with fresh greens. Everything on the menu is a treat.

Open seasonally you don’t want to miss your chance to experience the ambiance of the Holly River Restaurant.

Easter-May, Weekends Only
May-Labor Day, Open Daily
Labor Day-October, Weekends Only

For more information give the restaurant a call at 304-493-9493.