5 Reasons You Should Check Out The Springs

After opening in October of 2018, The Springs Soup and Sandwich shop has become a hit amongst both locals and tourists in Webster Springs. Offering a variety of hand-crafted sandwiches, homemade soups, beer, and wine at affordable prices has set The Springs apart in just the few short months they’ve been open. If you need some more convincing, we’ve got five reasons for you to check out this great new spot:

1. The Atmosphere – Husband and wife team Bryan and Debby Moore wanted to start their own family business, especially with the help of their daughter in law, Shala Branette, and the opportunity arose when they noticed a need for a casual place to go for a sandwich and a beer that still maintained a family atmosphere. Whether you’re bringing the kids, picking up lunch, or enjoying a glass of wine with your sandwich, The Springs is the perfect spot to do so!

2. The Sandwiches – These aren’t the sandwiches your grandma used to make – there’s no Wonder Bread in sight here! Bryan and Debby work hard along with help from Brandi of AF Wendlings and the local G&R IGA to supply their shop with the best bread, deli meats and cheeses they can for their sandwiches. Their breads range from marbled rye to wheatberry bread to sourdough and even sub buns. And we’re not just talking plain ham and cheese sandwiches – we’re talking corned beef, peppered turkey, honey roasted ham, buffalo chicken, beef sirloin and many more kinds of meat on top of these sandwiches including the ‘Mr. Reuben’ and ‘The Springboard,’ which are two of the most popular.

3. The Soups – With a new soup just about every day, it’s always a thrill to see what signature soup they’ll be showcasing. Chili, broccoli cheddar, potato and veggie are just some of the favorite soups we see in rotation at The Springs but there are many more that only come out every once and a while that will be sure to tempt your taste buds.

4. The Specials – While signature sandwiches like the ‘Station 1’ and ‘The Hotel Ranch’ are must have, locals rave about the specials on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Every Wednesday Debby makes her very own bologna salad sandwich served with creamy potato soup and on Friday’s Bryan makes his homemade chicken salad sandwiches. You cannot go wrong with either one of these options!

5. The Craft Beer and Wine – The Springs is one of the only places in Webster to serve beer and wine. They love serving West Virginia craft beer from Greenbrier County and Davis, which tourists are big fans of and the locals are beginning to catch on.

We could keep going but we think you get the point. Run – don’t walk – to The Springs for lunch or dinner! And of course, be sure to follow The Springs on Facebook to keep up with their daily soup and sandwich specials!