Top Ways to Social Distance & Support Businesses in Webster County

Big Ditch Lake & Wildlife Management Area // Sammi Carpenter on Facebook

With the constant news updates about the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, some days can feel a bit gloomy.

Social distancing is of utmost importance, and with local stores and non-essential businesses shutting doors to do their part in stopping the spread, people can tend to get stir-crazy their own homes.

But that doesn’t have to be the case!


Luckily for those in Webster County, it has miles and miles of land for folks to explore and practice social distancing. Webster County has wondrous hidden gems within its borders. While exploring Webster County, you can get lost in its beauty and escape the news — even just for a little while.

1. Consider Big Ditch Lake, a wildlife management area that contains 388 acres of small game, waterfowl, and bowhunting. The lake’s 55 acres provide warm-water fishing for large-mouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and channel catfish. There’s even a walking trail that circles the lake for those just looking for an afternoon stroll.

2. Lover’s Lane Boardwalk, which starts on Back Fork Street, takes folks on a walk showcasing various gems throughout Webster Springs. The walk is easily accessible from two locations: one being either of the two swinging bridges across the Back Fork of the Elk River, located on Bennett Ave. There is also access from Bell Street (7/10 mile out) which is handicap accessible for those in wheelchairs.

This boardwalk is the perfect way to practice social distancing alone or even with a loved one (with a 6 foot distance, of course).

3. You must take advantage of today’s slow pace by visiting the state’s second largest state park– Holly River.

If you’re looking to get away, Holly River State Park is the place to find solitude. The 8,101 acre dense forest is located in a narrow valley but surrounded by tree-lined mountains, some reaching over 2,800 feet in height.

4. Aside from social distancing, health officials are strongly encouraging folks to eat at home or get takeout/delivery. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop supporting local shops. However, with the recent state regulations, you should call the restaurant to see if they are open or if hours have been altered. You might even consider purchasing a gift card from the business — this will support the owners and you’ll have some extra cash to spend when life returns to normal.

5. In the meantime, now is a great time to plan a future Webster County getaway. With all of the outdoor opportunities, the whole family is bound to find something to love in Webster County. And hey, summer is just around the corner! Take a look at our comprehensive website or visit our Facebook page for inspiration.

While the world continues to wait for the next news report, remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds, practice social distancing, and FINALLY support local Webster County businesses or explore!