Fan Favorite Outdoor Winter Activities in Webster

‘Tis the season for sipping hot chocolate and bundling up to build our best snowmen. Whether you enjoy the snow and cold or would rather stay cozy inside as the flakes fall, the ambience of winter is nothing short of magical. As we all know, warmer-weather fun is abundant in Webster County, but the same goes when Old Man Winter comes into town – and we have some suggestions from our fans to prove it!

Keep reading to hear what Webster County natives, lovers, and visitors alike enjoy doing in the coldest of the four seasons.

First, let’s hear from our Webster Winter Giveaway Winner, Tina Louise! Tina, along with our other fans mentioned here, commented on our Facebook post for their chance to win a beautiful Webster County mug, handmade by the talented Amber Sandy. Congrats, Tina, and thank you to all who participated!

Tina Louise
Back when I was a kid, it was sleigh riding on the big hill in Cowen by the Dairy Bar! We would all be frozen and go get hot chocolate at the Dairy Bar. Those were some great times! Now, it would be driving around looking at the beautiful, snowy scenery! I love waking up every day and looking out my bedroom window at the snow along the river – Webster County is a beautiful place!

Phalon Fleming Bennett
Magic on Main Street. The whole town comes together and makes it about the kids. The places are lit up and there are smiles everywhere!

Angie Cowger
Driving through Camp Caesar curves or across Point Mountain on a day with 3-4 inches of snow where the trees intersect over the road & feeling like I am in a snow tunnel!

Samantha Clutter
Enjoying all the scenic sights of the mountains covered in snow and watching the flakes fall while my kiddos play and have fun.

Jill Hoke Bonnett
After a snowstorm, my parents would load us kids up in the truck and we would drive the back roads admiring the beauty of Mother Nature. I remember getting in and out of the vehicle so my parents could take our picture amidst the beautiful scenery. I treasure those memories!

Traci Crites
Watching the snow fall on the rivers and mountains, seeing the decorations in its small towns, walking at Holly River State Park while enjoying its splendor, and most of all, visiting with family. Afterward, seeing lights from the town of Webster Springs from atop McGuire on the way home, shining like stars!

Instagram // @wchswvahtv

Carrie Lawson
Taking pictures of our beautiful scenery and trout fishing up the Cranberry River.

If these fan favorites aren’t the type of winter-fun you’re looking for, take a short, scenic drive over to Snowshoe Mountain Resort. Here, you can appreciate the snowy mountains in a whole new way – by shredding down them on your skis or snowboard! With shopping and lodging, adventure tours, tasty food and yummy brews, there is fun to be had for the whole family.

For the folks who would rather frolic when the frost is gone, spring and warmer weather is right around the corner, and ramp digging and foraging are coming with it!

No need to fear when winter is here – there is always plenty to do in Webster County, no matter the season!