Unplug and Adventure in Webster County

Many of our days are spent in front of some sort of technological device. Whether we’re working in front of a computer all day, scrolling through social media in our free time, or checking emails—the list goes on. Don’t get us wrong, technology can be great and helps us stay connected, but it is nice to unplug a little bit from each day if you can.

Holly River State Park (@wvstateparks on Instagram)

National Unplugging Day is recognized once a year on March 4th. We recognize this day because in recent years we have buried our noses deeper into our devices, causing us to miss out on the important moments of our lives.

We always find it more relaxing to spend that quality, unplugged time outside. Lucky for you, Webster County has much to offer when it comes to adventuring and things to do while you are on vacation from your devices. We’ve got some ideas for you:

1. Adventurous hikes and biking trails can be found in the 8,101 acres of dense forest in Holly River State Park. Located in a narrow valley, the park is surrounded by heavily forested mountains, some reaching more than 2,800 feet in height. The dense forests of Holly River provide guests with a natural setting where they can find peaceful solitude and good ‘ole Vitamin D. Pack food for a picnic while looking at the wide range of flora, including wildflowers and ferns that Holly River State Park is known for.

Monongahela National Forest (@audipayne on Instagram)

2. Experience an overnight backpacking trip in the nearby 47,815 acres of the Cranberry Wilderness Area. There are a number of beautiful hikes with elevations ranging from 2,400 to over 4,600 feet. Other activities in the Cranberry Wilderness Area include fly fishing and whitewater paddling. You can find detailed trail descriptions here or at the Nature Center and Gauley Ranger Station.

3. Enjoy breathtaking scenery within the 65,000+ acres of the Monongahela National Forrest that lie within Webster County’s borders. Experience breathtaking scenery, camping, hiking, cycling, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, cross country skiing, and communing with nature.

The possibilities are endless. We challenge you to unplug when you are spending time here in Webster County next time. Adventure is waiting, Webster County is waiting!