The Best Ice Cream Spots to Hit This Summer in Webster County

Summer is heating up and locals and visitors alike are looking for delectable treats to not only satisfy their sweet tooth but to also cool off on the upcoming dog days. Webster County is home to a number of ice cream parlors and eateries sprinkled across the area—and we’ve mapped out these top stops just for you! Here’s six places that you must add to your ice cream bucket list this summer.

Try the a la mode at Vickie’s!

1. Holly River Grocery – When it comes to Holly River Grocery, this is not your typical five and dime—offering eight flavors on any given day with two extra changes in the lineup, these dairy delights are sure to please. Careful artistry goes into pressing hand-made waffle cones and milkshakes are mixed however you like, thick or thin, you got it. And be sure to try the local favorite—birthday cake, 4524 Hacker Valley Road, Hacker Valley, 304.493.6405.

2. Holly River State Park Restaurant – In the same neighborhood as our previous, Holly River State Park Restaurant offers a delicious take on the classic chilled treat—sundaes. Hand dipped vanilla bean ice cream is piled on high like a great sugary mountain, Hacker Valley, 304.493.9493.

Afternoon pick me ups >> Coffee with a scoop of chocolate ice cream at The Springs Soup & Sandwich

3. Vickie’s – Looking for Webster’s best-kept secret? As far as desserts go, look no further than Vickie’s. Within these four walls, some of the most enticing pies are baked by hand and served to the public for their eating pleasure. Now, if you’re wondering, how pies make it onto a list of ice cream spots remember these three words—a la mode. Just saying it gets our mouth-watering, 126 Baker Street, Webster Springs, 304.847.2126.

4. The Springs Soup & Sandwich – Try this nice sit-down restaurant where you can enjoy a hot panini and soup with a glass of wine, a West Virginia-made craft beer or a soft drink, of course. The Springs also offers delicious hand-dipped premium ice cream with flavors like raspberry cheesecake, cherry nut, banana pudding, chocolate, vanilla, and caramel pecan—you won’t want to miss out on a scoop or two, 86 North Main Street, Webster Springs, 304.300.0944.

With 100 + flavors of soft-serve and all the toppings the Custard Stand serves, they’re bound to have your favorite.

5. Custard Stand – What’s good for the goose is often good for the gander, and with the Custard Stand expanding its locations for more than 6 different towns, it certainly can’t be a bad thing. With over 125 different flavors to choose from, this establishment can make anyone an ice cream lover. Cones, shakes, splits, and arctic swirls, hot fudge cakes, and strawberry shortcakes are just the beginning of some of the options that you have when entering the doors of this nostalgic, diner-themed establishment, 51 Main Street, Webster Springs, 304.847.7774.

6. Bergoo Grill – This new to the scene restaurant is bringing deliciousness to Bergoo one order at a time. We’re obsessed with Charl’s fried ice cream covered with cinnamon and smothered with your choice of caramel, hot fudge, or strawberry sauce. Longing for a traditional dessert? The Bergoo brownie is also uber drool-worthy, 6 Post Office Lane, Bergoo, 681.213.1117.

7. Country Roads Restaurant and Grill 

Cool off at Country Roads Restaurant and Grill this summer. With a large selection of colorful slushies, decadent frappuccinos and milkshakes, and flavorful ice cream—every choice is sure to be a yummy one. Feeling adventurous? Try our favorite, the chocolate-covered strawberry milkshake with extra chocolate syrup, 6025 Webster Road, Cowen, 681.365.1110

Whether you choose hand-dipped, soft serve, a la mode, or fried, ice cream is sure to bring joy to your day. And remember, a balanced diet is an ice cream in both hands. Looking for more delicious dessert and food options? Visit our dining page now!