Webster Springs Hotel

Webster Springs once held the largest wooden hotel in West Virginia. Originally, a small hotel was built in 1897 on the flat bottomland by the Elk River, now known as Hotel Bottom. As the railroad expanded into Webster Springs and the salt sulphur waters gained a national reputation, the hotel expanded to 300 rooms with … Continue reading Webster Springs Hotel

Webster Springs Railroad Depot

The Webster Springs Railroad Depot served Webster Springs for freight and passenger service from the early to mid 1900’s and was later used for various commercial and community purposes. In 2010, the property was purchased by the Town of Addison (Webster Springs) and the exterior was renovated to meet historical guidelines. Additional interior renovation and … Continue reading Webster Springs Railroad Depot

Bergoo Bash

ATV riders heaven!  Held the Saturday before Labor Day each year. Mud pit, poker run, horseshoe pitching contest, live entertainment and more.  Sponsored by the Webster Springs Volunteer Fire Department.

Mollohan’s Mill

Constructed in 1894 on the banks of the Holly River, Mollohan’s Mill operated until 1953 when it was closed after a major flood destroyed its dam and washed away one of the water wheels.  It was restored by the Mollohan family beginning in the 1980’s.  With the exception of the dam and single water wheel, the … Continue reading Mollohan’s Mill

Holly River State Park

Holly River is the second largest park in the West Virginia park system with a total of 8,101 acres. Nestled in a narrow valley, the park is surrounded by heavily forested mountains some reaching heights of over 2,800 feet. There are many miles of hiking trails within the park, ranging from very easy to very … Continue reading Holly River State Park

Holly River Festival

The Holly River Festival is held annually on Labor Day Weekend at Holly River State Park. It is a family oriented festival featuring arts, crafts, cake walks, games, apple butter making, hay rides, music and more. The Festival is a joint project of the Holly River State Park and the Holly River State Park Foundation.

Irish Road Bowling at Holly River

“Faugh a ballach!” rings through the air as Irish road bowlers get ready to throw the 28 oz. steel ball down Holly River State Park roads. This sport for all ages is played out annually in October in this scenic setting.

Webster County Fair

The Webster County Fair is held Labor Day weekend each year at Camp Caesar. Enjoy Gambill Amusement rides, 4-H exhibits, country store, live stock exhibits, arts and crafts, food vendors, live music and more.