Venue Spotlight: Pig Hill Farm and Vineyard

Growing up in Webster County, Penny Graham is no stranger to the beauty this county has to offer. She and her husband, Chris, moved back to town in 2016 to escape the Washington D.C. suburbs and were quick to bring fresh, fun ideas to the County. In spring of 2017, the couple purchased Minnich’s Florist and Gift Shop in hopes to bring it back to it’s state in the 1960’s when it was mostly a gift shop. Then they purchased and renovated an apartment in town they call The Blue Iris Inn and have it listed as an Airbnb. But Chris and Penny, with those projects running smoothly, were looking for something else – enter their up and coming event venue, Pig Hill Farm and Vineyard.

The couple had purchased a 40-acre farm from a pilot atop of Miller Mountain. Penny’s childhood nickname was “Penny-Pig,” so the farm quickly became “Pig’s Hill.”

On top of this mountain, the views seem to go on forever. The old runway that sits at the top overlooks the most breathtaking view of them all and when Penny saw this view, she knew it would be the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony. And it just makes sense that the airplane hangar left behind by the former owner would be an ideal spot for a reception. The two got to thinking – Penny is a project manager by trade and they both love to throw a good party, why not use this as a wedding venue?

The couple started small with only a handful of weddings for close friends, but quickly caught the attention of brides-to-be across Webster County. This venue accommodates up to 200 guests and since acquiring the spot, the couple has added bathrooms, changing rooms and they are even working on the addition of a 1,500 square foot pavilion to use as a covered outdoor area for guests to enjoy. Cleaning services and parking attendants are provided by the Grahams – all guests have to worry about is décor, linens, food, and drink.

The couple’s other business endeavors, Minnich’s Florist and Gift Shop and the Blue Iris Inn pair perfectly with a wedding venue. There is a discount on flowers if you go through Minnich’s and seriously, the option for both a florist and a wedding venue wrapped into one – talk about convenience. And as for the Blue Iris Inn, those who use the venue get a free night’s stay in the apartment!

The Grahams are ecstatic to have eight weddings on the books already for 2019. Including an extra special wedding come Fall – Chris and Penny’s daughter, who currently lives in Denver, CO, will be returning to be married on the family’s farm. Chris and Penny could not be more excited to have their daughter coming home to celebrate her big day. With the securing of these weddings, the couple has continued with plans of expansion. One of their most prioritized projects for the venue would be a kitchen to offer guests that much more convenience on their big day.

If you are interested in planning an event contact Chris and Penny Graham through the venue’s Facebook page or by phone, 540-599-5764. With the growth they’ve already seen, a website is in the works so keep your eyes peeled.