The Custard Stand: Nostalgia, Chili Dogs & More

Nothing screams nostalgia quite like a custard stand. The memories of scavenging up your allowance and hopping on your bike to grab a hot dog and some ice cream in a place considered the centerpiece of any small town will live on in the hearts of adults forever. These memories are exactly why Angie and Dee Cowger decided The Custard Stand would be the perfect addition to Webster Springs.

The Custard Stand located in downtown Webster Springs.

Not only do both Angie and Dee reminisce fondly on the days of venturing to the original custard stand as kids, but it’s almost in their DNA – Angie’s at least. Angie’s great aunt Lucille helped run the original custard stand in Webster Springs in the 1960s until closing in the mid-1980s. She waited tables, made chili, hotdogs, milkshakes, all the good stuff. The couple knew there was something missing in their hometown and they finally put their finger on it when they opened The Custard Stand in 1991 – and they had no idea just how big of an impact they’d make not just in Webster Springs, but across the entire state of West Virginia.

Angie and her grandfather, Mack Carpenter, the mastermind behind the famous chili recipe.

When they first opened, the Cowgers were both still working full time and looked to Angie’s great-aunt Lucille for her guidance and expertise. Aunt Lucille offered up tips on making milkshakes, customer service and the sacred hot dog chili recipe. The chili recipe was given up with one condition: no one else could ever know the secret recipe. If you thought The Custard Stand business was in Angie’s DNA before, Aunt Lucille actually purchased the secret hot dog chili recipe off Angie’s grandfather in the 1960’s for the original custard stand.

The Webster Springs Custard Stand became exactly what the Cowgers had hoped it would be, a focal point within their community. “We just have such fond memories of hanging around the custard stand when we were growing up, we wanted to create that for generations to come,” Angie says. Angie also tells us that locals can’t get enough of their hot dogs and especially their peanut butter or raspberry milkshakes.

“We definitely have something special that brings people back,” says Angie, “In fact, when people come back to town to visit, they often come see us before visiting their family.”

Since their grand opening in 1991, the Cowgers have developed The Custard Stand into something much more than just a restaurant. After their Webster Springs location took off, the couple opened a location in Flatwoods which their daughter now owns and opened a location in Summersville. They have even sold franchises in Oak Hill and Danville.

The original Custard Stand.

The Webster Springs location still remains special to the Cowgers with the largest menu and the most seating of any location. Angie and Dee take pride in being a fast-food option with quality products that customers are guaranteed to enjoy.

Aunt Lucille’s famous chili recipe has become a sensation for hotdog enthusiasts not just around West Virginia but around the country. Custard Stand Chili is not only available at all five locations but it is also being sold in Kroger, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Food City, and Save-a-Lot stores in eighteen different states. You can check the store locator on their website to find the closest location for you to get your fix of Custard Stand’s Hot Dog Chili or if you aren’t close enough to store – you can order online and have it shipped right to your front door!

Angie and Dee’s first location of The Custard Stand.

Don’t just take our word for it, travel back to a simpler time when you dine at The Custard Stand – you won’t regret it!