7 Things To Do In Webster County This Winter

From its lush forests, spectacular mountains and county history, Webster County has something to offer to its residents and visitors alike. Each year, thousands travel to enjoy Webster County’s adventure-filled parks, whether that be Holly River State Park or the Cranberry Wilderness Area.

All year-round, the folks of Webster County stay fond of their home county, even during the cold, snowy winter months.

Recently, we asked our Facebook friends to leave us some of their favorite winter activities to do in Webster County. Take a look – maybe you can add a new activity to your winter to-do list!

1. Take a minute or two (or three) to view the county’s scenery under a fresh blanket of snow. Webster County’s beauty is spectacular all year-round, but there’s an extra special something when you watch the sunset or sunrise over the snow-covered mountains.

Photo by Reflections of Time Photography

2. Drive through the mountain roads and you’ll truly be enamored with what the county has to offer during the wintertime- it truly is a winter wonderland. Take a four-wheeler ride through the mountains and breathe in the fresh air on the trails. Catch some of the best Christmas light displays as you drive throughout the communities.

3. Webster County is perfect for those quiet mornings to sit on the porch and sip your coffee as you get ready for a frosty day. Kim Klaus enjoys watching the county’s wildlife from her parents’ porch as the snow gently falls in the background while the Williams River flows.  –> Kim was the winner of our Facebook giveaway and will be receiving a special Webster County mug, created by Amber Sandy.

4. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the winter weather from inside your cozy home. During snowy days and nights, it’s a good idea to hunker inside near the fireplace, grab some hot chocolate and watch your favorite movies.

5. Grab a coffee and head to town to do some local shopping. Webster County has some awesome gift shops where you can find one of a kind items for your friends and family. Check out this blog post for holiday shopping and gift ideas: Webster County Holiday Gift Guide

6. In Webster County, the outdoor adventure never stops no matter the season. Enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing in one of the many campgrounds and secluded areas. Surround yourself with a few friends, a cozy fire and listen to the wildlife scuffling through the night.

7. In the wintertime, kids can expect some snow days. During these days, take the time to show your children what a real snow day looks like — snowball fights, building a snowman and sled riding down the hills. These are the times your kids will remember the most!

As you can tell, Webster County is held in high regard to the folks of the county. Many appreciate the big-time adventures and small-town charm that is offered year-round.