Lover’s Lane Boardwalk

Lover’s Lane Boardwalk starts on Back Fork Street which is across from Minnich’s Florist and is a 100-yard walk past the Webster Springs Post Office.  It is easily accessible from two locations: one being either of the two swinging bridges across the Back Fork of the Elk River, located on Bennett Ave.  There is also access from Bell Street (7/10 mile out) which is handicap accessible for those in wheelchairs.

The original boardwalk was built in 1875 and stretched from town to the B.C. Conrad Hotel and grist mill, a distance of about 1/2 mile along the mountain side and the Back Fork of the Elk River.  In the 1890’s, the boardwalk was rebuilt and became known as “Lover’s Lane” due to it’s use for outdoor weddings and it’s beautiful setting noted as a location of many budding romances.

The 3rd incarnation was built in 2017-18 as a project by Dr. David Gillespie, a retired university librarian and native of Webster Springs.  This boardwalk was built with treated lumber and provides a four foot wide walkway with handrails.  It is enhanced with two rain shelters, benches and two overlooks.

While the boardwalk is free of charge and open to the general public, Dr. Gillespie welcomes donations to be used for maintenance and upkeep.  Those may be mailed to David M Gillespie, 386 Bell Street, Webster Springs, WV 26288.

Webster Springs, West Virginia 26288