History & Arts

Webster County was created in 1860, the last county in West Virginia to be created before the state’s separation from Virginia. Over the years, the natural scenic beauty and quiet lifestyle attracted a creative class of artisans and crafters who ply their trade here.  Woodworkers, potters, jewelry-makers and others create a variety of unique hand-crafted items which can be found in many small shops in the area.



Coal Block

Webster Springs, WV

Since the early part of the 20th Century coal has been of economic importance to Webster County . The men of Barton (now Curtin) #2 mine placed this large block of coal here in 1930 as a tribute to the area’s history of mining.

Jerry Run Summer Theater

Cleveland, WV

Jerry Run Summer Theater is a rustic, indoor acoustic music venue located in rural Hacker Valley-Cleveland area of northern Webster County, WV, on Rte. 20, about 1 mile north of Holly River State Park. Performances are held on weekends from April through October. Welcome to our 22nd season! We are excited to be presenting another … Continue reading Jerry Run Summer Theater

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Website: http://members.citynet.net/jerryrun/
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Lover’s Lane Boardwalk

Webster Springs, WV

Lover’s Lane Boardwalk starts on Back Fork Street which is across from Minnich’s Florist and is a 100-yard walk past the Webster Springs Post Office.  It is easily accessible from two locations: one being either of the two swinging bridges across the Back Fork of the Elk River, located on Bennett Ave.  There is also … Continue reading Lover’s Lane Boardwalk

Lowther’s Store

Hacker Valley, WV

An historic general store located near the former town of Wheeler, it was built about 1900 and expanded about 1910. The building is a one-story rectangular, wood-frame building with a foundation of field stones and posts. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.  

McLaughlin House

Webster Springs, WV

Dr. John McLaughlin was one of the first three physicians in Webster County. Known state wide as a highly skilled physician and diagnostician, he built his home here in 1894. The small building in front was used as his office. The house at one time was home to Eli “Rimfire” Hamrick, whose statue at the … Continue reading McLaughlin House

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Mollohan Mill

Replete, WV

Constructed in 1894 on the banks of the Holly River, Mollohan Mill operated until 1953 when it was closed after a major flood destroyed its dam and washed away one of the water wheels.  It was restored by the Mollohan family beginning in the 1980’s.  With the exception of the dam and single water wheel, … Continue reading Mollohan Mill

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Morton Mansion

Webster Springs, WV

Designed by Senator E.H. Morton, construction of this house began in 1909 and was finished in 1912. Each room has a different type of native wood; curly birch, oak, cherry, walnut, etc. all from the Cherry River Boom and Lumber Company. It was the first home to have electricity in the county. Many political meetings … Continue reading Morton Mansion

Salt Sulphur Well & Veterans Memorial

Webster Springs, WV

In the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, salt sulphur springs drew thousands of visitors to Webster Springs each year. The water, highly impregnated with hydrogen sulfide gas, were thought to be beneficial for ills of the liver, stomach, kidneys and bladder and were sought for both health and luxury. One well remains, at the corner … Continue reading Salt Sulphur Well & Veterans Memorial

Webster County Genealogy Room

Webster Springs, WV

The Genealogy Room is located in the basement of the Webster – Addison Public Library and has materials for historic research.  There is also a social room available for rent for small gatherings. Speak to librarian for more details.

Telephone: 304-847-5764

Webster Springs Hotel

Webster Springs, WV

Webster Springs once held the largest wooden hotel in West Virginia. Originally, a small hotel was built in 1897 on the flat bottomland by the Elk River, now known as Hotel Bottom. As the railroad expanded into Webster Springs and the salt sulphur waters gained a national reputation, the hotel expanded to 300 rooms with … Continue reading Webster Springs Hotel

Webster Springs Railroad Depot

Webster Springs, WV

The Webster Springs Railroad Depot served Webster Springs for freight and passenger service from the early to mid 1900’s and was later used for various commercial and community purposes. In 2010, the property was purchased by the Town of Addison (Webster Springs) and the exterior was renovated to meet historical guidelines. Additional interior renovation and … Continue reading Webster Springs Railroad Depot