Your Ultimate Camping Checklist

Webster County’s lush lands have become a hidden treasure for nature lovers and those who occasionally dabble in outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re pulling up to the perfect campsite, livin’ it up in a rustic-style cabin or trekking it through the backcountry, Webster County offers plenty of camping options. There are several campgrounds scattered throughout the beloved Monongahela National Forest, like Camp Caesar and Camp Holly, or you can find rustic cabins at Holly River State Park or K&N Campgrounds and Cabin Rentals.

But whether you’re an expert equipped with the best camping gadgets or just starting out, you never want to turn down some extra camping knowledge.

Keep reading to find out the camping essentials you don’t want to forget – and make sure you print off your Ultimate Camping Checklist at the end of this blog!

Quality Sleeping Gear

Even if you’re just roughing it for the night, you want to make sure you sleep well, right? Nobody likes waking up feeling sore and achy, especially in the woods! That’s why it’s important to invest in good, solid sleeping equipment.

So many general camping products, like sleeping pads and sleeping bags, are a lot less expensive than their made-for-backpacking, ultralight alternatives. Invest in a quality sleeping bag or pad that fits your needs, but keep in mind the weight, especially if you will be trekking to your camping spot.

Camping Cookware

Aside from bedding, how you will be preparing your food is something to consider. Will your food be prepared over the campfire or will you be using a portable propane stove? Whichever you prefer (or is easiest), keep in mind the materials you’ll need for a hearty meal.

Don’t skip out on clean up materials, utensils, seasonings, cooking oil, pans, dishware (disposable), and bottle openers. All of the little things that are easily forgotten are materials you will probably need!

Fire Starter Materials

How to start a campfire might not be considered when you’re concerned about what to bring, directions, setting up the campsite and other worries. But there’s nothing worse than setting up your tent and realizing you have no way to start a fire.

Be sure to bring a lighter or matches, firestarter (old newspaper, commercial fire starters, lighter fluid), an axe for getting wood, shovel and extra water for dousing out the fire.

Be Safe, Not Sorry

While you may think you won’t need it, you might. Accidents happen and that’s when a first-aid kit comes in handy. Whether you’re bringing a store bought kit or a homemade kit, be sure to have materials that might be critical for an unforeseen fall, burn, cut or other injury. Band-aids, antibiotic ointments, gauze, OTC pain relievers and antiseptics are good to have for unexpected injuries.

Camping should be a time to reconnect with West Virginia’s beauty and nature. Don’t put a damper on your experience by forgetting the small stuff!


Save and print off this Camping Essentials Checklist for your next camping trip to Webster County!